Most frequent questions and answers

At the moment all files are pre created. Such as the chat backgrounds / overlays / offline screens and so fort. But if you wish to have a change made you can always send me an email or message on social media and I wil help you with these changes.

Yes. But I do hope you promote or at least have my name somewhere so it is in a sense linked back to me so people know who designed / created it. It’s highly appreciated.

Because of the nature of my products being downloadable products there is no such thing as a return policy. But if you’re not satisfied for any reason. You are always free to send a message to me and explain your concern and maybe we can work on another product that will satisfy your needs but if it is in the end total trash you do get credits back in form of a code which you can then use for other products in the mean itime.

The store items are in no shape of form exclusive because they are made for everyone to purchase and use on their social media accounts or streams. Custom work however is. If you get something made by me from scratch these items will forever be yours.

A sketch will be made within 24 hours after request. A then small fee will need to be paid to reassure you and myself. After your initial approval I will work on the products like you requested and you will be send a low quality version of the work first. If the full payment is done I will send you the High Quality version.

At all times you can send an email to storeinfo@visualsforstreamers.com
Or contact me via Twitter / Instagram  or check the Discord link on top and join the platform where we have a dedicated support section.