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Wait what?

As a visitor of this site or as a streamer you might be wondering, what does JustSimy mean with Help My Stream? Well! Let me tell you all about this new concept I’ve worked on for the last week! 

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I know from experience that a lot of streamers are struggling with their streams and branding work. They just buy something and hope it’s good enough. And maybe you considered any of my work but still don’t feel like it fits with yours. Here comes in my idea and dream. I want to run 1 on 1 sessions with streamers and myself to speak of their work. Their struggles but also work on their branding!

But why? What? How?

Having a good brand that fits with your personality has become more and more important now a days in the industry more then ever! If you just google and paste work in your work, it may never reach that potential it could really reach! So I felt why not offer something no other site has done yet! One on One session with me! These will be of course for a certain set of time and not last forever but they will give you a great insight into the world of design / branding and marketing and will give you the tools you need as I will, live during the session show you exactly how I make your stream layouts / graphics of all kinds! This means you can right there, right then correct me and tell me what needs to be changed or what should be different! 

But what about? What's in it?

Of course! The first question you might ask. What is it you offer and what do I gain from it! Well, first of all doing it this way gives me and you a lot more of an easy workflow. Because we work so closely together on this it is really a one on one session. So no interruptions and you can ask any questions you might have to me the minute we begin! 

I hope with all my heart that these sessions will help you improve not only your stream but everything in what you do as a creative person. These sessions are also developed to teach you as well. So if you need any help with anything, even that is a possibility! It’s all up to you!

That’s it! That’s all there is!

If you are as excited as me to start your journey then click the button to book a session with me or hit me up on social media! The choice is yours!


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