5 tip on streaming on Glimesh and why you should try it out!

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Before I get started with this article I want to give you guys a small headsup. Yes i’m on the Glimesh community team but, that doesn’t mean I can’t be a critic.  

Okay  let’s get started on the 5 tips I have for you guys as streamers / artists looking for a new home or just a new place to discover new people / friends.

Tip 1: 

Before you even get started on Glimesh, read the terms of service and rules of conduct. Wait? I should? Well, yeah. It might be best to read those boring long documents to get familiar with the way Glimesh handles certain reports/systems. It will make your experience better and know more about everything else.

Tip 2: 

Get familiar with the DMCA rules. Yes I know I know, music is everything to a lot of people, music is what you need. But here’s the thing, i know you need it but even we, even I, need to uphold a law. Yes, that’s it. So grab a book and start to read.

Tip 3: 

Be yourself. One of the most important parts of any brand is being you. And with this, I mean from top to toe. I sometimes get reminded of how weird and funny I am but I barely use that to my advantage cause I feel embarrassed. But on the other end of this if you aren’t you, you will miss out on a lot more people. 

Tip 4

Numbers, yeah they are there, to let you know how many people are watching. So it is important. But Glimesh itself doesn’t use it to decide, this streamer is terrible or this streamer sucks. Glimesh takes a different approach to it. That in my opinion makes Glimesh unique. It’s not easy being different from other platforms. Do you look at your viewer numbers? I personally ignore them. It’s there but I don’t look at them. 

Tip 5

Networking. Yes yes, “ i’m going live “ we all know the tweets on timelines. But have you ever gone out of your way of just tweeting that? One of the best tips I can give is to build friendships with those who are in the community. Talk in other people’s streams has a little chat.  In time these people will come and say hi and have a chat with you as well. Build relationships and build friendships. That’s key on any platform. 

Now comes the question, why should you try out Glimesh?

That is something you should ask yourself. Whether it’s to feel the power of FTL or meet a now very small community if you are used to Twitch it may feel different. If you do streaming for a living it may not be your home just yet, or it might be even more. You see, people don’t know you now, people haven’t seen your face yet. Every platform takes time to build something new on. Even Glimesh. Give the platform time to grow but also give yourself time to grow. My personal opinion is that I love being on Glimesh, I love exploring all the details 

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