Why mindset is everything with streaming

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If you as a streamer feel a constant pressure to reach more viewers and more likes or subs then your mindset will come to a halt. But why?

In this day and age we are to be believed that only subs / a million views and hundreds of sponsors are the way it should be, how your life should be. While it is in a sense true, your mental health should be more important then ever. And to keep that the right way one way to do it is to think about your mental health. 

But what is a Mindset:

noun: mindset; plural noun: mindsets; noun: mind-set; plural noun: mind-sets
  1. the established set of attitudes held by someone.”the region seems stuck in a medieval mindset”
In Dutch it’s a “ Manier van denken “

But mindset is your first step. When you are okay with yourself and your progress it’s easier to just not think about it. In a sense that building meaning relationships  people who come in can be more and more useful. 

In my personal life I can be a bit of both sometimes. Either I fully believe in myself or I take things personal. But the taking something personal comes from two sides of a story. 

Embrace the challenges you face and keep your head high. Always keep learning.As long as you keep learning you will grow in your life as well. 

If you start to believe that Streaming is becoming a failure you are already too late. If you determine the succes of your stream on the number of likes or dislikes your tweet got or the amount of followers that you have that came into your stream based on the bad numbers, then you are not going off the right path.

In the coming months I will share more of these wise words with you guys on Social media to boost your confidence hopefully moving forward. Because if you have the right mindset you can beat everything and everyone and be the streamer you need and want to be who believes in themselves and their mindset and who no longer lets their lives be controlled by numbers.

quote around mindset how to believe in yourself as a streamer and how that's key to succes

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