Why bots are a problem for real designers

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Right now, the minute you post the word overlay, new overlay, graphic , I need a logo, I need an emote, I need a banner, you will be flooded with bots. Bots who claim to help you with your designs. And I’ve tested it, send out a tweet to see what would happen. Within 10 minutes you receive over 100 dm messages and hundreds of followers, sadly, all bot accounts. But why, why write a blog about this problem? Well… let me explain.

Now a lot of people might say, hey, just be better. Just show your face more and others will see you. Because of the increased bot population on Twitter and Instagram it’s almost become impossible to be believed by real streamers looking for Graphics. They right now don’t expect real designers to react because they still feel like all whom will react are bots.

So why would I take the time to write this article, well, for this exact reason. On twitter there are a lot of real designers like me.  People who really create emote art and other pieces of art for streamers like you.  We dedicate our time to create real work instead of using others there works. Over time I’ve discovered that people on Fiverr take other peoples works and use it as their own. Kind of makes you worried and also explains why many designs 

So how can you recognise bot accounts?

First of all their top tweet will be full of hashtags for all the topics of graphic design for streamers. Below are some samples of these bot account tweets.

Fiverr is also and has become an issue over the years and even if a lot of people tell me to create a Fiverr account it never feels like my place to be due to all the bots who have taken over and from people who steal work. The guys at Visuals for Impulse wrote a great article about Fiverr I recommend everyone to read. Click here to read it.

So what worries can you have with Bot accounts?

They can easily scam you. Provide you scam links or never even send you the work you asked for. They can manipulate you but also if you say no they will harass you and more and maybe even try and hack you. So always and at all times be on the lookout for these types of actions! Always make sure you order from real designers who will have an official VAT number and will also provide a license that they own a business. An example is my down bar below where I list my KVK number which if you put that in the database of the KVK will link back to me.

I hope with this article that it gives you not only a closer look at a problem many designers face, but also sends out a warning for those looking to get graphics done by these bots. 

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