GGsTV and how we work together now

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Ever have that feeling that you just want to help a group of awesome people? Over the course of months i’ve been following a website called GGstv. It caught my eyes because my friends would talk about it a lot as well as my former employee. It was interesting how they made their website and how can I ever as a designer contribute. I asked myself that question and here we are now.

It’s been a few weeks. Locked and loaded do I send out a tweet, How does one become part of the team at GGstv. I expected to actually hear nothing. Because me, I’m just a small streamer / designer and bit of overal person. The chance to become part of the team that a lot of my friends have fallen in love with and the group of people I worked with ( GetWetSports).  How are the odds? Small. 

never stop dreaming quote

And here we are now, a new role on a website and my first works already out there. I’ve created these overlays for their GGstv Awards! What do you think?


Above are two videos which were made to introduce you into the Awards. A version with the logo and one without the logo. Both created with an animation and made in Adobe After Effects with the Saber plugin from videocopilot. 

When done with this video I decided I wanted an ending video as well so even that was made.

So the background for this and the other videos actually started many months ago as a concept I ran for here on Visuals to create Halloween themed emotes and other backgrounds and now it’s being used for GGs. Here’s the first look at what it was made as.


The sketches made.

So that’s the work that’s been made. Please let me know what you think of these overlays and if you are already part of

I will always be happy to hear that. I’m their new Community manager so if you feel like you need some help with anything please let me know as well as when you have feedback or anything else. 

Let me know what you want to see for their site as well. Send me a message on twitter / insta or anywhere else and let me know your ideas.

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