Numbers, how they affect us.

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What do you see the first moment you wake up? Numbers… what do you see when you open up your phone, numbers. If you go to the supermarket, numbers. We are confronted with numbers ever since we were born. How much weight is the baby, how much is 1+1? We ask ourselves that question maybe not anymore but we used to ask ourselves what those numbers meant. And now? Now those numbers influence you every day. 

This person has 10 followers, must be a spam bot, this person has 50 followers but follows 1000 accounts, must be fake. These days we see numbers as something evil. 

But numbers are way more:

“As history goes, number-letter combinations have held religious, superstitious, mythical and, of course, mathematical significance… Some would argue that numbers are the most universal form of language.”
          Nik Contis, the strategy director at branding firm Siegel+Gale

Across cultures, ages, and genders, the number seven was the clear favorite. It’s no wonder; seven is a recurring and significant number in many religions, mythical traditions, and even in everything from nature to pop culture. [ For example Destiny Lucky number 7 ] Just to name a handful: in the Bible, God rested on the 7th day of creation; in Judaism, 7 symbolizes divine perfection and completion; the 7 heavens in Islam; the 7 deadly sins; 7 planets visible to the naked eye; 7 seas; 7 continents; 7 colors of the rainbow; 7 wonders of the world; 7 dwarves (plus Snow White); James Bond, 007

Large amount of times the word numbers is written on what seems to be a wall of sorts

The numbers tell people about how much reach you have as a streamer.

The numbers tel you how active you are on your socials.

The numbers are important or you won’t get a sponsorship. 

And the worst is, as people we always look at our numbers. On Twitch if we didn’t get 100 people to watch we will tell ourselves we failed that day. If we make a video that only scores 10 views we tell ourselves we let ourselves down. 

shows how Twitch displays numbers of a stream

A small brain area which represents numerosity along a continuous “map.” Just as we organize numbers along a mental “number line,” with one at the left, increasing in magnitude to the right, so is quantity mapped onto space in the brain. One side of this brain region responds to small numbers, the adjacent region to larger numbers, and so on, with numeric representations increasing to the far end.

The above text comes from this article : Our brains have a map for numbers. 

But should we let it? The amount of views do not define who you are as a person. They are just numbers.

So I ask this question to other business owners, do you look at personality or do you look at the person first? What is more important to you? A prick who breaks the rules or someone calm and funny. A person who is relaxing and cares for their community or one who lies to them. 

Stop judging content creators because of their numbers but look beyond. Is that person helpful? Does he care? Does his community care? When you have answered those with yes, then you have reached that goal. 

Another great article to read Is this one: Do Numbers define Success

I hereby quote this: 

Sales and earnings may be how we compare the success of our businesses on a month to month basis, though the main goal should be a comfortable lifestyle that allows you to do the things we want in life.

          Kevin Muldoon ( article above )

Throughout the course of our lives, we tend to define success by numbers, whether that be how much money we make, the GPA you graduated with, or the number of clients you see in a week. When actually success does not have a set definition, and it shouldn’t, because everyone has their own goals for life and their own plan for themselves.

Success should be determined by the individual. Everyone has their own definition of what success looks like to them. Some people see owning a massive house and a Ferrari as the moment that they finally made it. While others see being genuinely happy with themselves, a husband or wife, and living in a decent home with kids, as their definition of success.

My personal success

  • I’m successful if I helped someone ( Support )
  • I’m successful when I wake up with a smile every day ( mental health )
  • I’m successful if someone learned something from me ( Teachers )
  • I’m successful if I make someone happy ( support )
  • I’m successful if I own my own house.
  • I’m successful when I sold 5 products in a month.
  • I’m successful as an artist when someone buys my art book ( coming soon )


When are you successful?

Let me know on social media or in an email. If succes to you has to do with having pretty graphics you can always reach out to me. Until then, let your succes be how you want it to be.

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