When I was young I was told..

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When I was young, I was told by many students / classmates that I would end up in the dumpster to be found. 

When I was young I was told I smelled and looked like a trashbag.

When I was young I was told I was poison due to my freckles.

When I was young I was told I wasn’t creative cause I didn’t color within the lines.

When I was young I was told my teeth were ugly.

When I was young I was told I would never survive the age of 10.

When I was young I was told I would end up alone.

When I was young I was all alone

When I was young no one wanted to talk to me in fear they would get bullied

These may seem harsh words to hear but this was the truth. I was the outcast. The girl with the freckles. Skinny at the time but with clothes from my cousin. We didn’t have much. So I had what I had. I was always within my own world. Talked to my stuffed animals or my barbie dolls or lego. I wasn’t like any of the other kids because I had no one. 

Now I’m in my 30s and I still feel the same pain I feel from back then. The constant rejections for jobs, the we found someone better but then seeing the same job application come back not even a day later. It’s as if the world is always against you. 

This is a reason why I began streaming and expression myself through meaningful content. I want to inspire people to see that even if you are at the lowest of your life you can pick yourself up and you can go for it. All you need is that faith within you. That drive to accomplish new and exciting things. That motivation to grow and to never give up even if live holds you back and brings you down. If you believe in yourself you can achieve some of the most incredible things.

And this is why I write motivational twitter posts or create images for Instagram or try and show people the beauty of the birds and nature. These all come together within myself and with whom I am. 

I am who I am, either you like it or not.

Are you thinking about this yourself and worried where you may end up. Just be you, and all will be fine. 

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